VPS Winnipeg is Winnipeg’s go to installer for paint protection film, window tint, and ceramic coatings. With over 20 years of experience in the industry and over 100 5-star Google reviews, we provide the best quality applications – some of which are backed by a lifetime warranty. Come visit our new state-of-the-art installation facility at #3-70 South Landing Drive today or contact us for a free quote.


Paint protection film (also referred to as PPF or clear bra) is a clear protective urethane film that is applied overtop a vehicle’s paint to best prevent and protect against scratches, rock chips, and other road debris damage such as salt and sand pitting for a worry-free driving experience. The self-healing properties of our films ensure swirls and scratches are no longer a concern, and our applications are always professionally installed by our certified installers to provide a nearly invisible finish that is backed by an industry-leading 12YR warranty. VPS Winnipeg offers a variety of self-healing paint protection films, including matte for matte paints and gloss or matte black.


Window tint not only provides added aesthetics to a vehicle, but also provides UV protection, heat rejection, as well as privacy and security to the interior and its passengers. VPS Winnipeg is a professional installer of window tint and offers its customers a variety of high-performance films – all of which are backed by a lifetime warranty.

  • Standard (hybrid dyed metal film for superior heat rejection compared to traditional dyed films)
  • Ceramic (nano-ceramic for affordability and high performance)
  • Ceramic Plus (high performance multi-layer ceramic film for maximum heat and UV rejection)


Ceramic Pro is a multi-layerable, transparent, and liquid nano-ceramic coating that is applied to paint, trim, lights, glass, wheels, and interior surfaces to protect against the environmental elements. The coating allows for ease of maintenance and washing to better maintain the “new vehicle finish” and to allow water, dirt, and oil to wash off with ease. The Ceramic Pro 9H coating provides chemical resistance and protection against light paint swirling, bug and bird dropping damage, oxidation, and UV. VPS Winnipeg is a professional and certified installation centre for Ceramic Pro and offers the following packages:

  • Ceramic Pro Gold Package (Lifetime Warranty)
  • Ceramic Pro Silver Package (5YR Warranty)
  • Ceramic Pro Bronze Package (2YR Warranty)
  • Ceramic Pro Wheels Off Package (wheels and brake calipers)
  • Ceramic Pro Interior Package (all interior surfaces)


Paint correction is a method used in automotive detailing to restore the paint finish to “like new” condition. The process involves decontaminating the paint to then cut and/or polish the clear coat to effectively remove imperfections such as paint scratches and swirls. The process also enhances the gloss and depth of the paint for a better than new finish. Contact VPS Winnipeg for a quote or to schedule a free consultation.

STEK DYNOflex Windshield Protection Film

STEK windshield protection film is an optically clear film that is specifically designed to reduce the risk of having to replace expensive windshields as a result of rock chips, cracks, and pitting. DYNOflex is a crack-resistant, self-healing film that effectively absorbs and disperses even the strongest shocks. Apart from protecting the glass, the film also provides 99% UV rejection to protect the interior surfaces and passengers’ skin. Protect and preserve your factory windshield with windshield protection film today.

Compustar Remote Starters

VPS Winnipeg is an experienced and professional installer of Compustar remote start systems that warm up and cool down your vehicle with a tap of a button. With over 10 years of experience, we offer affordable remote start packages that work with most vehicles and are offered with limited lifetime warranties. Our most selected options are:

  • 2-Way LED Remote Starter (2 remotes, 3000 ft. range)
  • 2-Way LCD Remote Starter (2 remotes, 5000 ft. range)

Vinyl Wrap & Headlight / Taillight Tint

Vinyl wrap is a cost-effective way of changing a vehicle’s appearance without losing its factory finish. VPS offers a wide variety of vinyl options, colors, and finishes for customization, including:

  • Chrome deletes (to black out chrome trim, accents, and handles)
  • Headlight and taillight tint (to darken lights without replacing them for aftermarket lights)


08:20 22 Jan 22
Had my vehicle windows tinted with ceramic tint for aesthetics, privacy and heat control. Great communication, able to get me in quickly for an appointment and vehicle was ready when promised. Workmanship is amazing, no specks of dust or bubbles in any of the film. VPS backs their work and products with a no extra cost warranty, offers peace of mind that it will keep looking great in the future. Highly recommended !
Anmol BadwalAnmol Badwal
11:37 20 Jan 22
Amazing customer service!!! Great product quality and welcoming staff! 10/10
Eric OzkanEric Ozkan
15:54 30 Dec 21
VPS did a stellar job applying clear protective film on the front end of my 2021 Tesla Model 3. This is a MUST have form of protection for your vehicle to preserve its value and beauty. The investment is worth it and basically pays for itself, as repainting your vehicle is big dollars, and its only a matter of time until you get a stone chip.
Mihaela ParkerMihaela Parker
20:52 13 Nov 21
Yes lolThe review was for Fatburger, not sure how it ended up here but I've erased it, sorry!I'm sure you guys are great!
Cody LafondCody Lafond
20:28 19 Sep 21
Great service and professionally done - got the PPF put on and can't even tell that it's there but know that it's going to protect it from chips going forward.
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