SunTek Ultra Defense Paint Protection Film


Higher impact resistance for adventure-seekers and more

SunTek® Paint Protection Film Ultra Defense is a stronger, thicker film that offers all the same benefits of PPF Ultra, plus provides a higher level of impact resistance along with our best chip resistance. It’s ideal not only for thrill rides like going off-road or on the track, but also for the typical driver looking to protect vehicle finishes that take the most abuse during everyday driving, areas such as hoods, rocker panels and bumpers.
It makes sense to choose Ultra Defense for vehicles that frequently experience harsh climates and tough road conditions. This tougher PPF features SunTek HydroResist™ technology for increased stain resistance and product longevity, and helps shield automotive paint against stains, rocks, salt, insects and other road debris. It’s virtually invisible with the ability to self-heal scratches using heat, and carries a factory-backed 10-year limited warranty.
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